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Fairgrounds and festival sites are dynamic, constantly changing venues throughout the year and frequently even during the events themselves. Century offers mobile and portable event facilities with the capability of permitting daily reconfiguration of the grounds, expanding your event capabilities, your programming flexibility, and the entertainment value to your customers.

While the annual fair is typically the main event, many fairgrounds schedule additional events throughout the year. The mobility and flexibility offered by Century facilities make it easy to adjust the fairgrounds to fit each event, providing greater service and value to your customers.  Century's mobile and portable facilities allow you to offer more complete packages to those looking to use your grounds.

The ease of set up and the convenient mobility of these facilities makes it possible to schedule them at different sites, even on a single day, for maximum programming flexibility.  Instead of purchasing and maintaining staging and seating at each potential event site, facilities which then sit idle the majority of the year, Century mobile facilities are quickly repositioned to address your event's requirements, for improved facility and resource utilization.

Mobile and portable outdoor facilities which can expand your programming while making your life a bit easier include:
  • Mobile Grandstand Seating - featuring one-person set up, and seating capacities of up to 300 people.
  • Mobile Staging - outdoor, elevated staging available in a choice of size and features to serve a range of events.
  • Portable Ticket Booths - all-weather, secure, and easily repositioned to address different event traffic patterns.
In addition to saving you money during your events, these mobile facilities can be rented for other events in your local community, producing income during your down times.

Look to Century to help you achieve the most from your facility resources.
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