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LED Lighting
Food Concession Trailers

LED lighting - not just for accent lighting any longer, LED lighting has gone mainstream for food concession trailer illumination.  For years we have been watching and waiting, knowing that one day LED lighting technology would sufficiently mature to fulfill its long sought promises of:
  • Brilliance
  • Color
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Simplicity
  • Power Reduction
  • Price
That day has arrived!  The dominance of high-output fluorescent tubes and halogen light fixtures to produce food concession trailers that look fantastic day and night is now in our rearview mirror.   Installed both inside and out, LED lighting offers visually stunning trailers with bold sign, and bright, crisp food displays that pop at night.

LED Primary Lighting

Exterior LED Lighting

Spectacular day and night, LED light fixtures can provide exterior sign and body lighting comparable to that of HO fluorescent lighting, but with significantly less power draw.

See the Result - Place mouse pointer over photo at right.
Exterior LED Lighting

Interior LED Lighting

LED fixtures perform ceiling, counter, sneeze shield, and hood lighting duties, providing a bright, attractive, and inviting work and display area.
Interior LED Concession Trailer Lighting

LED Accent Lighting

LED Accent Lighting

Of course LED lights will continue in the job of visual accents, championing the role formerly played by neon, but without the numerous drawbacks.

Gifted with intense, vivid colors, and unmatched durability, LED lights are the go-to choice when one wants to grab visual attention in a sea of visual competition.

LED Accent Lighting