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Century FrontRow 4300 Series
Mobile Stage Features

FR4300 Mobile Bandstand Stage Features
FR4300 Stage Features
Fast, Hydraulic Stage Setup   FR4300 mobile stages offer quick, simplified, push-button set up.  An unique actuation linkage design simultaneously opens and raises the roof canopy as the stage deck lowers, transforming from a highway-legal trailer to an elevated stage with full roof coverage. 

One person, push-button operation with no corner support columns to install, significantly expedites and simplifies stage set up and tear down, allowing you to focus your time on your event. 

Want to add sound equipment or banners, or adjust stage lighting? With no corner support columns to remove, simply push the button and lower the roof canopy to a ground level where you can add or adjust as necessary, and then power the stage back open.

Fast and Simple!
Choice of Stage Sizes   FR4300 series mobile stages are available in (2) stage deck lengths - 20 and 24ft, allowing selection of the most appropriately sized stage for your events.

Ideally sized for many events, Bandstand stages will fit into confined sites or across streets.
Roof Canopy   The built-in full-coverage canopy extends beyond the stage deck on all four sides, providing maximum protection for performers and equipment.  When raised, the canopy is sloped rearward, guiding precipitation to the back of the stage.  Water-tight canopy hinge lines prevent water from leaking onto performers and equipment, all without gaskets or seals.

Unexcelled visibility for both the audience and the performers is provided by the absence of front corner supports and the unique "doorway" canopy support structure that maximizes audience sightlines.  These openings offer unobstructed walk-through access for stairs or optional stage deck extension sections.  Elimination of the front corner canopy support posts facilitates canopy lowering for aiming lighting or banner installation, plus quick response in the event of sudden severe weather.

The canopy's aluminum support structure includes 2" O.D. tube along the bottom of each support truss, providing generous lighting mounting locations.

In addition the roof support structure is configured to accommodate optional windwalls and and other staging components that attach to the canopy structure.

The factory installed an-echoic acoustically-passive canopy covering enhances performances by absorbing and reducing unwanted, distracting reflected sound and distortions, pleasing both performers and sound technicians.

A built-in electric/hydraulic actuation system offers push-button stage operation, allowing quick, effortless set up.
Folding Stage Deck   The powered hinged stage deck section lowers to produce a flat, approximately 16ft deep, stage performance area.  A field-renewable neutral gray deck coating reduces deck temperatures.  Deck is inherently sound dampened.

A concealed hinge design eliminates the need to install hinge-line gap filler strips.
Guardrails   A protective aluminum guardrail is provided along the stage rear edge.  Rails install by hand without tools.  
Stairs   An aluminum tread-plate stair with ADA enclosed risers and handrails attach to the stage deck perimeter.  Adjustable legs adapt the stairs to ground level.
Rugged Main Frame   Extensive use of aluminum in the stage frame and support members provides a rugged, corrosion resistant structure that results in a reduced towing weight along with reduced site impact.

Frame design allows equipment to be transported to events, carried within the frame.
Leveling/Support Jacks   Heavy-duty, frame-mounted, crank leveling/support jacks expedite accurate stage leveling.  Stage deck height adjusts from 49" to 51" high.  Note - Optional hydraulic jacks are available.
Deck Support Truss   The folding stage deck is equipped with an automatically extending aluminum support truss equipped with crank adjustable leveling/support legs to speed and simplify stage setup.  The truss produces and maintains a flat stage surface, with crank jacks expediting the leveling process.
Enclosed Mechanical Compartment   A mainframe mounted, welded aluminum compartment houses the stage systems and components. 
Breaker Panel   Electrical circuits are routed through a 220V, 125 amp capacity load center panel.
LED Setup Lights   Built-in, canopy support mounted 12VDC LED work lights facilitate loading and set up during night time hours.  
  FR4300 Highway Towable  
Towing   When closed for transport and storage, trailer is compact, permitting positioning and setup in confined spaces.  Smooth exterior roof panels are ideal for large promotional graphics.

Interior of trailer is open and may be used to transport stage equipment.

FR4300 Mobile Bandstand Maneuverability

Highly maneuverable, the Bandstand can fit into confined event sites. A Bandstand stage can be easily pivoted perpendicular across a street for street festival applications.
Heavy-Duty Suspension   A heavy-duty suspension offers smooth towing both on and off road.  Stage is equipped with electric brakes.
Fold-Away Tongue   An unique fold-away, towing tongue enhances stage aesthetics during performances by pivoting the tongue along the stage end.  When folded, tongue no longer presents a tripping or "shin buster" hazard. 

Towing tongue maybe visually concealed behind optional stage skirt.
Tongue Jack   Towing tongue is equipped with a heavy-duty crank operated jack.  Choice of ball or pintle couplers.
DOT Lights   Stage is equipped with LED stop, signal, and marker lights, reflectors, license light, and 12VDC connector cable.
Codes   2015 IBC
Available Options   Numerous stage options adapt the stage to meet individual event requirements.. Available options include:
  • Built-in ADA Handicap Lift
  • Movable end media panels
  • Tongue-mounted castor wheel
  • Wireless remote control
  • Built-in generator
  • Marquee & hanging banner signs
  • Windwall panels
  • Perimeter stage deck skirt
  • Lighting and sound systems
  • Stage extension sections
  • Main-frame storage
  • Custom graphics
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Specifications subject to change without notice.