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Century FrontRow 4300 Series
Mobile Bandstand Stage Options

Custom Outfit to Your Requirements

Media End Panels   Attached at each end of trailer (stage left and right), hinged panels open to provide additional stage backdrop and hanging support for promotional event signage and banners. Panels also serve to enclose the trailer ends during transport and storage.

Panel structure is welded aluminum with a matching stage canopy roof. Panels may be hinged to stage roof canopy or stage rear vertical supports. In trailer mode, the panels open for access to stage interior, facilitating equipment loading.
  Media End Panels
Windwall Curtain   Rear Stage Windwall encloses stage backwall during performances, providing both a visual and wind/weather backdrop.  Rainproof fire-retardant grey 18oz pvc coated polyester curtain slides on canopy mounted track.  Curtain surface accepts promotional graphics.

Windwall also serves as a stage enclosure during transport and stage storage, protecting stage interior and stored equipment.
 Aluminum Stairs
  Welded aluminum stairs provide stage access, and feature fully enclosed risers between diamond-plate treads. Adjustable footpads at the bottom of stairs accommodate uneven ground.  Each stair includes one set of removable aluminum handrails.

Stairs attach around stage deck perimeter and to optional stage extension sections with included hand-tightened clamps.  No tools required.
  ADA Aluminum Stairs
Stage Extension Sections   For events where more than the standard stage deck area is needed, stage extension sections allow you to enlarge the deck surface area.

Deck Extension Sections are 4' x 8', constructed of weather resistant 3/4" MDO with renewable top surface texture, and are framed with a heavy­ duty extruded 4" high aluminum channel. Sections attach to each other and to the stage deck perimeter, and will accommodate portable stairs. Each section is supported by two (2) adjustable legs, permitting height adjustment or accommodation of uneven ground. Each leg has both fine and coarse height adjustment. Includes three (3) connector clamps and three (3) deck attachment brackets per section
  Monitor/Mix Platform
Guardrails   Removable aluminum guardrail sections with vertical posts and 2” horizontal pipes prevent inadvertent stepping off stage deck.   Guardrail
Stage Skirt
  Stage Deck Skirt encloses the stage deck support structure for a finished, more attractive appearance. 

Boucle skirt is constructed of 100% synthetic fiber for maximum weather-ability, mildew resistance, soil resistance, easy care and handling.  Skirt shall be fire retardant.  Skirt is heavily weighted with 3/16" link coated chain to prevent excessive swaying.

*Choice of skirt colors.
  Perimeter Stage Skirt
Marquee Banner
  Mount highly visible horizontal marquee banners in prime area above front of roof canopy.

Kit includes vertical hardware posts that attach to front of roof canopy.  Stainless steel support cable system attaches to posts to display event or sponsor mesh banner up to 42" high above stage.

Banner not included.
  Horizontal Marquee Banner
Hanging Banner
  Aluminum banner upper support pipe telescopes out from ends of front canopy truss.  Lower aluminum banner pipe slides into stage deck rail. Together they provide a tie-off for outdoor vertical hanging banners.

  Hanging Banner Hardware
Speaker Hangers
  Suspend canopy mounted speakers beyond the stage deck at both ends of stage.

Two (2) aluminum speaker beams pull out 24” from ends of the roof canopy.  Hang up to 800 lbs. of speakers at each end. Speaker mounts retract into stage canopy structure for storage.
  Extended Speaker Hanger
  Retractable pull-up tie-downs allow stage equipment to be secured to the stage deck during transport.

Tie-downs are securely attached to the stage deck support structure, and are flush to the stage deck when not in use.

Each tie-down is rated at 1500lbs.  Equipment retaining straps not included.
  Deck Mounted Tie-Downs
  Welded aluminum lockable equipment storage compartment mounted to mainframe, includes removable front cover with provision for a lock (not included)  

42” long x 14” wide x 14” high
  Equipment Compartment
Hitch-Mounted Castor Wheel   Castor dolly wheel allows easy maneuvering and final positioning of stage in tight site confines.  Mounted to stage tongue, wheel retracts and secures when not in use.   Castor Dolly Wheel
Wheelchair Lift
  Built-in powered lift provides handicap access to stage at outdoor event sites    
Generator   Built-in generators are available in a selection of output capacities and fuel choices.