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Century FrontRow 6000 Series
Outdoor Concert Mobile Stages

Century's 6000 series of FrontRow Mobile Concert Stages provides professional concert staging with an attractive, uncluttered appearance, and reduced set up time.  These full-featured, high-capacity, mobile outdoor concert stages features fast, hydraulically actuated operation, for quick set up in a fraction of the time and labor typically required for similar concert stage structures.

Often "easy to use" also means "limited capability", but not with Century's FR6000 series of mobile concert stages.  FrontRow Mobile Stages were designed to meet the requirements of professional stage operators,
with features, ideas and input from people who provide commercial outdoor staging .

By significantly reducing the time and manpower that is typically required for the set up of a concert stage of this size and capacity, you can schedule faster move in and out times, plus allowing additional time for you to focus your efforts on sound, lighting, and other performance preparations.
In addition to praise from operators and performers, audiences appreciate the clean and uncluttered appearance presented by these stages.

FrontRow Concert Stages offer:
  • Choice of Stage Deck Lengths from 32 - 40 ft
  • Full-coverage, high capacity roof canopy
  • Uncluttered, unobstructed appearance
  • Unique, lowering hitch
  • Fast, reduced-labor set up
  • Strong, reduced-weight, corrosion-resistant frame
  • Built-in speaker covers
  • Safe efficient EV electric/hydraulic actuation
All are backed by Century's decades of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile outdoor staging.

Century's 6000 series of FrontRow Mobile Concert Stages are designed to make the most of your outdoor performances - to make you look really great while also making your job considerably easier.