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Budget Solutions - As facility budgets are cut, reducing available dollars for labor and maintenance, it is great to have alternative solutions designed to increase operational efficiency and provide greater facility utilization.  Century's mobile staging and mobile grandstand seating offer school and system-wide operation, providing sport, graduation, and special event facilities as needed throughout the year, while eliminating costly, under-utilized duplication.  And when something is fast and easy, you will want to use it more often, finding even more uses and applications that expand and enhance programs.  In fact Century's mobile facilities allow organizations to do even more than previously possible.

Simplify and expedite your school's outdoor events with Century's mobile outdoor bleacher seating and elevated all-weather staging.

Century's mobile bleachers and mobile stages facilitate and expedite school functions such as athletic events, commencement ceremonies, concerts, dedications, and other outdoor school activities.

TranSport Mobile Grandstand Seating
If your idea of setting up event seating is spending countless hours positioning and aligning folding chairs, or dragging around "portable" bleacher sections.

Folding Chair Rows

If frequently the request for seating is short-notice, and the relocation of "portable" bleachers results in damaged or missing parts and workman's comp claims as a result of dragging and lifting heavy frames and planks, then Century's TranSport mobile bleachers offer welcome relief by providing:
  • Flexible seating configurations for athletic fields, graduations, and other outdoor school events.
  • Outdoor seating on short notice - in less time than it takes to set up and position a single row of folding chairs, one person can set up 300 seats of bleacher seating.
  • Fast, easy storage when not in use - eliminate stacks of folding chairs
Mobile Grandstand Bleacher Seating
  Outdoor events and ceremonies are often preceded by a week or two of set up, making the event grounds both a hazard and unusable during that period of time.

Mobile Outdoor Staging
Typical outdoor event staging consists of loading, delivering, assembling, and leveling a quantity of 4x8 portable stage sections.  This represents either a major undertaking by your staff, or a rental expense.

Typical Outdoor Commencement Stage

Put an end to anticipating annual outdoor events with dread.  Eliminate days of intensive labor.  Instead choose a Century mobile stage.  Century's mobile outdoor stages and grandstands are so fast and easy to move and set up, they will have you planning additional outdoor events throughout the year.

Commencement Mobile Stage

Century's Mobile Staging offers you:
  • Significantly reduced setup time and labor
  • Outdoor, all-weather construction
  • Availability throughout the year for other school activities and outdoor events
  • Prompt return of grounds to other uses
  • Fast, easy storage when not in use
Ready and available for use throughout your campus or throughout your community, Century mobile outdoor bleachers and stages can simplify your life.


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