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TSP8 Mobile Bleachers
TSP8 Series Mobile Grandstand Bleachers  PATENT PENDING


TSP8 Series (8) row mobile bleachers feature a smaller footprint and reduced site-impact and towing weight, allowing applications previously unavailable to larger size mobile bleachers. Spectator comfort is enhanced by 24" row spacing and rounded aluminum guardrails.


In addition fast, simple operation has been advanced to a new level with a unique operating system that automatically lowers and raises the leveling/support jacks as the bleacher opens and closes.

TSP8 Series bleachers feature corrosion resistant aluminum and galvanized steel construction.  Standard bleachers comply with IBC2009 code requirements.

TSP8 Mobile Bleacher Event Seating
TSP8-112 8 93 22' 1" (6.73m) 15' 6" (4.73m)
TSP8-144 8 125 28' 1" (8.56m) 15' 6" (4.73m)

  • 8 Row high seating
  • 24" horizontal row spacing
  • Aisleway with handrail
  • Enclosed vertical risers
  • Extra-width footboards
  • Uniform slope (as required by code)
  • Concealed hinge points
  • Push-button hydraulic operation for one-person set up
  • Weather-resistant outdoor construction and materials
  • Extensive use of aluminum for easy towing, reduced site impact, & corrosion resistance
  • Provided at rear and two sides
  • Rounded aluminum construction for increased spectator comfort and corrosion resistance
  • Automatically fold and unfold with main bleacher
  • Anodized aluminum seat planks are full length without gaps
  • Single-plank extra-width footboards reduce flexing and increase stability
  • Enclosed risers - standard
  • Multiple frame-mounted adjustable jacks allow bleacher to be used on soft surfaces
  • Jacks automatically pivot 90 degrees to prevent damage during transport, plus allow increased adjustment on uneven surfaces
Hydraulic System
  • Bleacher is equipped with a self-contained hydraulic actuation system, which is powered by a 12VDC deep-cycle battery.
  • Hydraulic piston is fully retracted when bleacher is closed for transport or storage, significantly reducing any chance of damage
  • Hydraulic actuator does not penetrate the bleacher main-frame, permitting a more efficient, lighter weight frame member.
  • Mechanical components are housed in an easily accessible frame-mounted enclosed compartment.
  • Choice of ball or pintle coupler styles
  • Retractable towing tongue allows bleachers to be placed end-to-end
  • Electric wheel brakes
  • 12VDC LED DOT marker and signal lights
Code Compliance Complies with IBC 2009 bleacher codes and DOT highway towing requirements.
All models are equipped with enclosed risers, extra-width footboards, and aisles with handrails as standard.
  • Redesigned to reduce weight for easier towing with smaller tow vehicles, and reduced site and turf impact.
  • Rounded aluminum side and rear guardrails for improved spectator comfort and increased corrosion resistance. Guardrails automatically open and close with bleacher support frame - nothing to latch or unlatch.
  • Bleacher is self-stowing with an over-center design and does not require latches or positioning of supplemental stops
  • Uniform slope as required by code
  • Hydraulic cylinder piston is fully retracted during towing and storage for maximum protection and reduced risk of damage.
  • Multiple leveling/support jacks provide increased weight distribution and reduced point loads for bleacher use on soft surfaces.
  • Automatic pivoting leveling/support jacks rotate to prevent damage during towing and increased adjustment travel on uneven surfaces.
  • Extra-width footboards are single planks (instead of typical double planks) for reduced flexing and increased walking stability.
  • Independent engineer certification
  • 24" Seat row spacing provides comfortable seating
  • IBC 2009 code compliant standard
  • reduced site impact

Downloads PDF File   TSP8 Mobile Bleacher Product Sheet

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